iCON Foundation Equipment, BV
iCON Foundation Equipment, BV
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About iCON® Foundation Equipment

Athough the iCON® company is a relatively new name in the European foundation industry, be assured that as a subsidiary of International Construction Equipment Inc., it is a company with 40-years of industry specific experience and proven reliability in the global market.

In fact, the green equipment has become the iCON® of the foundation industry. Customers around the world appreciate the dedication and service that the International Construction Equipment team provides in getting the job done effectively.

International Construction Equipment Inc. has partnered with Hycos,BV to become the leader in the European foundation industry under the company name iCON® Foundation Equipment - The iCON® of the foundation industry since 1974.

Based in the Netherlands and serving customers around the globe, Hycos is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic systems and controls. Hycos has years of specialized experience with diesel driven power units and hydraulic controls, both of which are key to making a Vibratory Driver/ Extractor work more effectively.

With the combined experience of these two companies, iCON® is fully servicing European customers with our revolutionary zero resonance and high speed vibratory hammer lines which are the most reliable and cost effective product available.

Welcome to the future, welcome to iCON®.