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iCON Foundation Equipment, BV
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Specially for the European, East European and Asian market, iCON builds power units in coorperation with HYCOS. All powerpacks are build with the latest techniques. With a special approach in the equipment, all iCON power units are manufactord with the latest CE standards.
All iCON power units are suitable for driving vibratory hammers and hydraulic hammers, but they can also easily be equiped with a manifold for driving rotary heads. The controls of the power unit makes them suitable to drive a versatility in equipment, which can be programmed and selected in a verry easy way with a (remote) control panel.

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Powerpack CE Serie Diesel Drive Power Hydrolic Pump Max Flow Pressure Weight
Model 230CE Caterpillar C6.6 acert 168 kw Parker PV+, 1 x 180cc 320 liter 330 bar 5000 kg
Model 350CE Caterpillar C9 acert 262 kw Parker PV+, 1 x 180cc 370 liter 380 bar 6000 kg
Model 595CE Caterpillar C15 acert 444 kw Parker PV+, 2 x 180cc 750 liter 380 bar 7000 kg
Model 800CE Caterpillar C18 acert 597 kw Parker PV+, 2 x 270cc 950 liter 380 bar 10000 kg
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The enclosure of th iCON powerpack is made from galvanised steel and offer optimum protection in tropical and marine environments. Several doors provide maintenance access, and for large maintenance work or replacement the complete enclosure can easily be removed. The four certified lifting eyes provide easy transport.
The hydraulic pumps are electronic volume controlled to be able to vary the flow from 0-100% by pushbuttons. Properly sized manifolds guarantee a low return pressure, maximizing the efficiency of the unit. Combining the hydraulic oil cooler into the engine cooler further improves the fuel efficiency of the powerpack.
The newly developed IP65 electronic control system with pendant control which completes the power pack. It provides a menu for different applications behind operator passwords. Our smart solution for engine speed control will limit noise and improve fuel efficiency even further! The powerpack is easily adaptable to drive other functions, like winches, hydraulic hammers or pump drive.
All our power packs are of course built according to the CE regulations (including the noise requirement), quality management standard ISO9001 and good workmanship.

Constant improvement and engineering progress make it necessary that International Construction Equipment, Inc and iCON Foundation Equipment, BV reserve the right to make specification changes without notice. Please consult us for the latest available information.