iCON Foundation Equipment, BV
iCON Foundation Equipment, BV
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International Construction Equipment - ICE® offers expert advice and help for difficult situations that require modifications of existing pile driving or other deep foundation equipment. We offer full customer support for a variety of applications and modified applications. With this section we show some of the special projects that have received expert support from ICE® and our engineers to make a difficult job easier.
International Construction Equipment, Inc has partnered with Hycos BV, a leading manufactory of hydraulic systems and controls, to become the leader in the European foundation industry under the name of iCON® Foundation Eguipment. Based in the Netherlands and serving customers throughout Europe, iCON®  has the right experience and right technology to help your team surpass timelines and save you money.
Specialty Solutions
 From industry best Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs, ranging from 168kw power packs to 600kw, to the world's favorite green equipment ranging from normal frequency hammers to our specialized Zero-Reasonance Vibratory Drivers and Extractors, the iCON® team is ready to enable you to handle whatever problem you have to face.
Welcome to the future, welcome to iCON!